Firearms Instruction

Mission Statement

The courses are designed to teach students handgun and rifle techniques, to define and discuss the justification and use of lethal force, to teach an understating of a self-defense doctrine and review of Vermont Model Jury Instructions pertaining to: Self-Defense, The Aggressor & Self-Defense, Use of Deadly Force in Self-Defense, and Use of Deadly Force in Self-Defense & Defense of Another. It will also discuss mental preparedness before, during and after in the event a shooting takes place.

The successful student will complete the course after having mastered the three elements of firearms safety:

1. Positive Attitude
2. Knowledge & Proficiency
3. Skill

The goal is to create a relaxed and comfortable learning environment in which not only guns and their lawful intended use are well understood, but also the role of safety as it relates to firearms. We strive to enhance everyone's ability with firearms. It is our belief that firearm safety is achieved through education.

About our instructor: Marc's extensive background with handguns & carbines began when he took an N.R.A. sponsored class at the young age of eight - since that time he has not put either weapon down. During his career in the U.S.M.C., Marc worked within the reconnaissance community, traveled the world and received extensive training with all types of weapons platforms used in the performance of his duties. He extended his certifications to personal protection & private security and his experience includes having traveled internationally with clients in all type of environments having protected Foreign Royalty, U.S. Diplomats and some of the highest ranked C.E.O.'s of Fortune 500 companies.

Marc is Instructor certified with most handguns used in personal protection along with the use of carbines in self defense, Instructor qualified in M.O.A.B. training, US State Department, trained in driving in high threat environments, has attended both the Vermont and New Hampshire police academies along with a host of other qualifications pertaining to self defense within personal and professionals ranks.

Available Classes:
  • Defensive Handgun
  • Advanced Defensive Handgun
  • Ladies Only Classes
  • Private Detective & Security Services Certifications
  • Building & Room Entry
  • Defensive Carbine
  • Advanced Defensive Carbine

* Safety Through Education *