State of Vermont Licensed Private Investigators

PCI provides services to over fifty Vermont law firms, as well as local businesses and private individuals; specializing in criminal defense, civil litigation, civil process, human resource, employment matters, pre-employment background screening, workers compensation fraud, asset recovery, surveillance, and personal protection. PCI Investigators are all former Law Enforcement Officers.

Either it be Federal & State Homicides, Narcotics Conspiracy, Sexual Assault or Child Pornography cases, Pearson Investigators draw on the experience of their time as law enforcement detectives to analyze, evaluate and deconstruct the prosecutions case with unmatched results. PCI work has lead to countless dismissals as well as prosecution in the criminal justice system

Criminal Defense

A thorough defense investigation requires the knowledge and ability to build a prosecutorial case. Without first hand experience one cannot deconstruct what has already begun. That is the difference between PCI and others in this field. Our investigators come with over 50 years of combined law enforcement experience-the skills necessary for a proper criminal investigation.

During my many years in practice, I have utilized the services of various investigators. When PCI came on the scene, the level of expertise and professionalism was beyond expectation... the results of their work is unmatched. I wouldn't consider using any other investigative team.

- William Norful Esq.

Domestic Relations / Divorce

Although Vermont is a "no-fault" state in regards to divorce actions, our investigators will assess your personal situation and refer you to appropriate legal services when warranted. Typically when clients seek a private investigator they envision a cheating spouse scenario, however there may be much more than that involved. PCI has the experience to know when and how we may assist or when to seek alternative measures.


As former police detectives with specialized training in narcotics, our investigators provide superior surveillance services to include real-time live surveillance of individuals, video monitoring, GPS tracking of vehicles and property as well as on-line social media / dating sites. PCI will gather the evidence you need to assist in making an informed decision specific to your circumstances.

Fraud & Insurance

Insurance fraud is far from a victim-less crime. When dishonest people unjustly enrich themselves through insurance claims the result is increased policy cost for everyone. PCI has successfully assisted in litigation and proven through advanced techniques numerous instances of insurance and workers compensation fraud.


PCI is consistently called upon to conduct internal human resource investigations which has resulted in the recovery of company assets, theft of intellectual property, digital forensics of employee abuses to include theft of time and falsification of documents. Investigators have routinely uncovered substance abuse of employees on premises and work place violence. In addition to investigations, PCI provides civil process and often time same day subpoena service.

Missing Persons

PCI has successfully investigated, concluded and recovered missing persons, juvenile runaways and conducted family heirs in probate matters. Investigators have coordinated and assisted in substance abuse intervention getting individuals on track to being productive members of society.

Computer Forensic

PCI works in conjunction with LCG Discovery Experts to provide unparalleled forensics in the areas of

  • Sensitive Corporate Investigations
  • Trade Secret Misappropriation
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Fraud
  • Patent/Copyright Infringement
  • Employee Departure Related Issues
  • Executive and Employee Misconduct
  • Government investigations: (EEOC, FCPA, DOJ and SEC)
  • Catastrophic Incidents
  • Maritime Accidents
  • Data Breaches
  • Whistleblower Investigations
  • E-Discovery Planning, Collection, Analysis
  • E-Discovery Project Management
  • EU Safe Harbor Compliance
  • Digital Evidence Management
  • Secure Storage, Chain of Custody
  • High-tech Investigations
  • Analysis of Digital Forensic Artifacts
  • Interpretation of Forensic Artifacts
  • Fact Finding / Custodian Interviews
  • Log File Analysis & Correlation
  • Deleted Data Identification / Recovery
  • Email Tracing
  • Expert Reports and Affidavits
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Offense / Defense Strategies
  • Court-appointed Neutral Experts