Protection Services

Executive Protection Agents & Security Consultants

VIP K-9 Handler Teams Event Security

PPS provides VIP Executive Protection & Security Site Consultation addressing workplace violence, lay offs, terminations & disgruntled employees as well as analysis for preemptive internal theft of intellectual property. PPS provides armed & unarmed uniformed services as well as the coordination for discreet movement of high value assets. New England's only privatized K-9 handler teams, for site security & contraband detection.

Executive Protection

Provided For

  • Celebrities
  • News Correspondents
  • Athletes
  • US Diplomats
  • Foreign Royalty

Threat Assessment for advanced preparations and planning

Liaison with local law enforcement and civilian authorities as needed

Real-time intelligence gathering with the ability to adjust tactically as the situation dictates.

Discreet movement of high value assets

Protecting Corporate Executives

  • CEO/ Board Directors / Corporate Leaders
  • Travel to high threat environments
  • Workplace violence issues
  • Layoffs / Terminations / Disgruntled employees
  • Security site assessments (internal vs external)

Agents have experience and training in Ground Transportation Services from individual to teams in the following categories

Escape & Evasion
High Speed Defensive Tactics
US State Department Motorcade Procedures


K-9 Protective Services

PPS Provides New England's only K-9 Protection Teams

Personal Protection Details

Site Security

Contraband Detection

All former Vermont Law Enforcement certified handler teams

Meet Gunny

Gunny is a former Vermont Certified Police Canine. During his 3 years of proud serve on behalf of the citizens of Vermont, Gunny & Agent L. Hatch worked to keep the state safe by detecting & removing narcotics from the community: cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin & marijuana. Together they uncovered tens of thousands of drug tainted monies, resulting in forfeitures of over $150,000 dollars & seizing firearms from the hands of drug dealers.

Agent Hatch & Gunny have tracked numerous suspect & fugitives through various adverse terrains to successful apprehensions. At PPS they are consequential for denied area designation & deterrence. We are honored in the privilege of having Agent Hatch & Gunny as members of the Person Protection Services team.